Creating Wealth Now – Especially in a Recession (By Luthando)

If you wanted to make 10k per month, which way do you think would be easier for the average person. Or for that matter…any person?

Make $1.50 on 7000 people or make $1000 on 10 people. I think the answer is pretty simple. I called it the Get Paid Today plan. I mean really…who wants to try and build downlines of 1000’s of people in the hopes that most of them will stay and you’ll somehow generate a residual monthly income forever. Come on…..

Look I’m not knocking MLM companies. The truth of the matter is they do work for about 3% of the people who get involved. and those are the people who are in the company videos and are on stage at all the conferences. And the truth is…after about 3 or 4 years, even those people end up going to other places.

Think about it,do you think those leaders were just born from that company, or did they actually move from another company that they did well and brought their downline with them to the next greatest program.

Unfortunately…its just the way of the world. The only real commodity out there being utilized are the people. Yes thats right…the people. In reality there are only a finite number of people out there jumping from one MLM to another. Why…because companes are poping up all over the internet and such an incredible pace, there arent enough new people out there getting involved. So essentially every 9-12 months, the same old people are basically recycled from company to company. Hmmmm…think they make any real money? NOT!

Does the salesman that jumps around from company to company every 6 months, make any money?

Then whats the answer or solution?

Well there are 2 solutions.

1. Stick with one company that pays

2. Find a company that pays and uses leverage.

Now there’s a concept out there that I’ve taken the liberty of calling “Wealth Now”

Its pretty simple, it addresses the question I asked at the beginning of this article. Make small amounts off of 1000’s that may or may not stick around, or make larger amounts from fewer people. What if I told you that there’s a compnay out there that could pay you $480k in a year just for bringing one person a week to them. And they actually show you how to bring those people to them.

Well its true. And its only too good to be true if you’re not committed to success.

Listen, dont let this recession get the best of you. Milliionaires are made in droves during recessions. Why, because people finally wake up to the fact that they can be more than they’ve allowed themselves to be. People get so desperate that they actually do the necessary things in order to become successful. They finally understand what took me so long to really grasp…and that is that Success is a Choice.

You’ve probably heard it before, but once you really let it sink in, you’ll understand what i mean.

If you want to change your life financially and do it in Months….Not years, then go to the link in my signature and I’ll introduce you to millionaires that are ready and willing to help you change your life. They’ll show you how to create Wealth Now!

To Your Success

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