You Can Increase Your AdSense Earnings – Quit Making Cents Start Making Dollars (By Luthando)

If you have been struggling to earn more than a few cents per click on your AdSense earnings do not become depressed and quit. There is good news and that is that you can learn how to increase your AdSense earnings. Many people who first begin their AdSense business expect to begin earning $100 per month; because this is the payout that Google will send you a check or bank draft to your chosen address or bank account. However the truth is that very few people really do earn a significant amount of money through AdSense.

In this article I am going to provide you with some tips on how you can increase your AdSense earnings and quit getting cents per click and begin making dollars per day.

Now if you are new to the AdSense program I would highly suggest that you visit the Google site and get all the free valuable information about how AdSense works and how to make the most of it. I would also suggest that you spend some time browsing the internet and look for people who have been making a living by utilizing AdSense. There are several top dogs that do make a living by just using AdSense on their sites. They will even go into explanation of which ad codes produce better than others. You will gain a better understanding of where the visitors eyes go first when they are browsing websites, and where you would get the most clicks.

Personally I have found that the best performing and highest paying AdSense code is the 336×280 placed right above the content on the page. I would recommend that you only place one block per page because this will actually increase the amount you get per click.

You are going to need more than one website or blog. If you currently have AdSense on your site you would be amazed at how making some little minor changes to that site will increase your AdSense earnings. Imagine if you were just making $1 per day that amounts to $30 per month. With $5 per day you will be raking in $150 per month, $10 per day is $300 per month. Are you catching on how this can be very lucrative?

Adding fresh content everyday is a must. Google loves fresh content and will keep ranking your website high on the search engines. Provide valuable information that people can use and you will notice that more people will keep coming to your site to read and will begin sharing it with others.

Blend your ads to mix in with the content of your site. You will be amazed that by just changing the colors on your AdSense codes will dramatically increase your CTR. Set the URL color to the same color of the ad’s text, it will actually make the link color stand out more and people will be enticed to click on it.

Search for keywords that people are going to be searching for. If you do not due your due diligence on the keywords that people will be browsing for, no one will find your website online. We have all done it at one time or another we get excited about something we want to write about however we neglect to see if people are searching for that topic. We throw up a blog or website and we do not earn anything with AdSense, so many people become discouraged a quit.

AdSense works and if you found these tips on how you can increase your AdSense earnings informative; visit the website below for more valuable information.


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