Rolling Cash 5 Strategies Do Work (By Luthando)

A lot of people play the lottery every day. Some play for fun, while others play it to make money. Some are compulsive gamblers, others only play only casually to see if their luck is good. Over 95% of those who play the lotto do so without paying any attention to the selection of the numbers. They do it on their whims; some select the numbers on the basis of their lucky numbers like the birthdates of their family members, some use the numbers from their address, telephone numbers, passport number, or pin number. All these methods do not give you the desired result. A closer look at the previous year’s results shows us that there is a recognizable pattern in which the numbers are selected. Some combinations are never selected. It is better to stay away from such combinations.

The Rolling Cash 5 is a game of numbers or purely a game of luck. It is better not to call it a game of chance as there are certain methods, which if followed have a better chance of producing good results than if you select the numbers randomly. The drawing is held daily in the evening. Anyone can play this game by paying $1. You get a slip which contains 35 numbers. You have to clearly mark the five numbers that you think are the ones that will be chosen. No person on earth or any software can tell exactly which five numbers are going to be chosen. Don’t give up because then you will certainly have no chance. The Rolling Cash 5 is a game of chance and it is up to you how you improve your chances.

As was said earlier, choosing numbers randomly doesn’t work. There really are no lucky numbers because if they were, you would have been rich by now and there would be no need to play the lotto to strike it rich. But most people have a casual approach to selecting the numbers because they don’t want to spend anything doing any research on them. Since it is only $1 that is at stake, they don’t feel like it’s a big risk. This casual approach is behind the fact that 96% of those who play the lotto lose.

While choosing the combination of numbers, there are certain things that need to be avoided. First, do not choose all single digit numbers. Never in the history of the lotto have all single digits been chosen. Never choose all consecutive numbers. This also has never happened before. Do not select all odd or all even numbers. They have a very low probability of being chosen. Never choose all multiples like 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. By now you understand what not to do. Now you see what you can do. Analyze the results of the previous month to see if there is any recognizable pattern of numbers. Check out the numbers and combinations that have occurred more times than others. Leave out numbers that have been chosen only a few times. Now you can find the combinations that have good chance of being chosen. Follow these guidelines and play patiently. Who knows, it might be your turn to get lucky at the Rolling Cash 5.


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