Best GPT Site – Which is the Best GPT Site and How Do I Make Money From It? (By Luthando)

The answer to which GPT (Get Paid To) site is the best, is an easy answer. Cashcrate is hands down the best GPT site to date. I won’t bore you with all the details that are common to all GPT sites. All GPT sites are free to join, and most will accept members from across the globe. Some will require you to be 18 years old, although some only that you are 13 years of age. But what makes Cashcrate stand out from the rest? What makes Cashcrate the best GPT site?

I have ranked most of the well-known GPT sites according to the three criteria that I deem most important when choosing which sites to work with. Namely; longevity, record of paying their members and the company’s referral program.

A quick search will show you that Cashcrate has been around since early 2006; an eternity in GPT years. Many sites come and go, but Cashcrate has withstood the test of time, and will continue to do so. Being around more than a year (or two in this case) is a great sign that they are indeed the best GPT site in the industry.

Paying Members:
If you spend any amount of time in GPT forums you will hear the same voices resonating the same comments. “I was just paid again by Cashcrate! Received my $300 check yesterday”. In my years of experience I have yet to hear a complaint from a member about not being paid. Every 15th of the month, like clockwork.

Referral Program:
Cashcrate’s referral program competes with the best of them. Everyone knows that the real money is made from a combination of completing your own offers, while earning a percentage of the offers that your referrals complete. In the case of Cashcrate, 20% of everything that your referrals earn, and 10% of everything that the referrals of your referrals earn! Talk about residual income. These percentages actually grow as you accumulate more referrals, thus helping to solidify Cashcrate’s position as the best GPT site out there.


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