Creating Sizzling Headlines That Sell Your CPA Offers Like Hot Cakes (By Luthando)

If you are not new to any thing marketing you’ll believe me that your headline is your selling power, it is the psychology behind every successful marketing campaign. This is why it is important to know the right ingredients or recipe for creating sizzling headlines that sells This is what I will be looking into in this write up, as we look into what makes a head line thick.

1) Figure out the Desires and Fantasies of your Prospect, not yours: knowing what your customer or lead desires, his tastes, fears, fantasies etc is what really creates the psychology for buying, or in this case signing up for your CPA offer; so make your headline from the customer’s point of view not from yours, remember you are not writing for your self but for your target audience.

2) Spice it up with Catchy and Attention Grabbing Words: There are some powerful and most effective words in marketing; these words have been used over and over again by many top companies, web sites offline and online and the results have been tremendous and mind blowing; many fortune 500 companies still use this words in running their various advertising and marketing campaign, and it has been success all the way; these words can be very effective for creating sizzling headlines especially for that all important CPA offer; below is a list of these words which you can also include while running your CPA advertising campaign;

-“Free”: the word free remains one powerful word, to me this is the most expensive word, you can ask those running PPC ads to ascertain the bidding price for this word. Headline phrases with the word free like the following; free trial offer, Free to new members, Ask for free report, Try it 10 days free, Moneymaking facts free..

-“What’s New”: People want to know what is the newest thing in town and wont hesitate to spend all they’ve got just to get a taste of the new stuff in town; the following words are phrase associated with “new”: New and Improved, It’s Here, Just Published, Just Off The Press etc..

-“How To”: people are always wanting to know how to do things,. how to solve their problems, how to make more money, how to get something etc: and would not waste time to lay their hands on a “how-to-do” offer.

“An Absolutely unbelievable but True Statement”: some thing that sounds unbelievable and yet to be heard really amazes your reader who will immediately require further information; example of such words are Over 1 billion sold, Money back if not delighted, You risk nothing etc.

“Good Deal”: every one wants a good deal and won’t fail to stop by to see what this is all about, phrases like; Fantastic savings, Less than half price etc.

3) Make it Short, Concise and Straight to the point: Remember you are not writing an essay competition where you have to play with words no, this is strictly business, you want to increase leads and CPA earnings in this case; so it is no time to garnish and spice up words. You have to be short in delivering your message, remember your target lead has other things doing and won’t want any thing that will waste his time; concise in convincing him; then straight to the point in seeing why he will really benefit taking up this one in a life time offer.

4) Call to Action: What will be the essence of creating offer that would not stir up action; so this is what your headline should be addressing, make it look urgent; the human psychology has some thing to do with beating dead lines, so if you make it a matter of urgency, then the prospective lead wont find it unnecessary but to sign up for your CPA offer, making more pay checks inundating your mail box


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