Earn Money With eBooks – The Brilliant Way to Make Money Online With Short Reports! (By Luthando)

Do you want to start selling information products on the Internet?

If yes, the best way to start is to create short reports. Let me explain the complete strategy.

1. Find a big market with thousands of buyers. There are plenty of then on the Internet. Here are a couple of examples.

* Golf
* Weight loss
* Mixed martial arts
* Health

Once you determined your target market, you want to go deeper in the niche. Let’s say that you want to market your products in the weight loss market.

Do not try to write a 240 page eBook because it will take you months before you can see any revenue. And I know for a fact that most of the time, beginners who want to write an eBook fall in these two situations.

1. They take more than four months to complete the eBook.

2. They never complete it, and never make any money. No need to say that this is the worst scenario. It’s better later than never after all.

What is the smart way to create and sell eBooks then?

Start with a short report. Just focus on one question and write ten pages about it. Let me give you an example. Since I am a martial artist, I will choose this market for the sake of our example.

I would write a short report and call it: “10 tips to get started with martial arts”. Each tip would be a question, and I would write a page for each of these tips. Since I am experienced, I can write a short report in less than 24H. If you are just getting started, it can take you up to one week.

Once I finished the reports, I would add an intro and a conclusion, and save it in pdf format. I use the open office writer to do this. It’s fast, and free.

The third step is to create a web page to sell the eBook. Since it is a short report, I can price it at $10 to start building a list of buyers.

Once you are done, start the next report.

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