Why Is Online Tutoring Very Popular? (By Luthando)

Online tutoring becomes more and more popular day by day due to the benefits brought to students, parents and tutors; so many companies create a service or website to be a meeting place for tutors, students and parents. To compete with other similar sites, every site offers certain additional features to attract more tutors, students, and parents. Before we continue discussing about the additional features offered by each site, it’s better to know some of the benefits brought for each party.

For students:

  • Have a flexible time to study.
  • Get answer and/or explanation quickly, don’t have to wait for the tutoring schedule.
  • Ask different questions of different subjects without having to travel from one tutor to another. They only need to sit in front of the computer and be connected to the selected tutor.
  • Able to pick another tutor if they’re not satisfied with the explanation given by the current tutor.

For parents:

  • Have many tutor experts to be chosen.
  • Pick experienced tutors that suit their budget.
  • Get help for answering only one or two questions quickly when they’re helping their children doing homework.
  • Pay only what they need either per hour or minute – they don’t need to pay monthly like in regular home tutoring.

For tutors:

  • Have longer working hours.
  • Have more students, both domestic and abroad.
  • Get more money.
  • Add network.
  • Able to work/register at some online tutoring services.

To win the competition to get the parents and students’ trust, online tutoring providers offer some of the features to both prove their skills and attract clients:

  • Group discussion among students and tutors for free.
  • Interactive user interface to make the students and tutors communicate easily.
  • Reports that can be accessed by parents anytime.
  • 24/7 online support to handle complaints from tutors, students, and parents.
  • Trial period to know the quality of the tutors that they have.
  • Recorded tutorials for free after the registration’s done.

The chance for everyone from any backgrounds to involve in this business is another factor that causes the fast growth of online tutoring services. If you master certain skills and want to make money from it, you can register as an online tutor. If you’re studying at college either as under-graduate or post-graduate students, you’re welcome to register too. If you have children and get difficulties in choosing tutors for your children, you can use this service because there are many tutors that you can choose and you’re able to monitor the result easily.

Source: www.askpaccosi.com

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