Fun Things to Do While Waiting For Your Laundry (By Luthando)

One of the reasons why so many people are unhappy when it comes to doing laundry or coming to laundromats is that they don’t have anything to do while waiting for laundry to finish. Usually, a washer runs for about 35 to 45 minutes (can vary on the washing machine), and if you take in the time that requires you to put the clothes in (usually, people use two or three washers), add laundry detergent, and sit down to check their time, only 25-30 minutes are actually left. This is enough to make you feel bored but not enough to go home and come back.

But, as Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money.” People want to be doing something because otherwise, they are wasting valuable hour or two that could be spent on something important. True, you can try to read… but if the laundromat that they go to have little kids running around, this won’t be happening. You can’t really yell at them because turn around – most people are not doing much anyway.

Tip 1: Bring an iPod and fill it up with some fast-paced songs.

There are studies out there that suggest that certain shopping malls tend to play fast songs that motivate people to shop more. This is partially due to the fact that music can affect how you perceive your environment, such as time. It is probably true that most of you do have an iPod or MP3 player of some type, so be sure to bring that with you when you come to do laundry. Spending few bucks to buy a good music playlist can make your laundry day go MUCH quicker and less painful.

Tip 2: Read comics.

I know I said that reading can be futile, and it is. But comics are different. Filled with pictures and dynamic faces, they are excellent for spending time and providing great entertainment. I’m personally a fan of comic books, but I know that some people read them in their smartphone apps too. Regardless of the method you choose, comics are highly recommended solution that can give free entertainment without the need for absolute silence.

Tip 3: Utilize Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

People are constantly looking for new information, and often, they want these new information to be cool, funny, and new. Pinterest and StumbleUpon are two of the websites that are very popular for providing unique entertaining contents. With simply click of a button, you can browse through tons of excellent contents – and the best part? They require no serious concentration. You will read anywhere from “How to Lose Weights After Eating Fast Food” to “How to Be a Better Procrastinator” to “What Olympic Athletes Have That You Don’t” – the point being, the topics are endless, and will make you forget how the time went.

These are all easy suggestions to spend time while waiting for your laundry, and you can stop and resume at any time that you want. There are of course other options so feel free to expand your list!


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