IT Contractors – How to Choose a Good Agency to Contract Through (By Luthando)

Tip 1 – Daily payroll: Does the IT agency operate a daily payroll service? – You personally may only want to get paid once a month ” but trust me; you’ll want the flexibility of being able to submit your timesheets on ANY DAY of the month. This is one of the first things to check with an IT agency, as you may find that their payment terms are not flexible enough for your needs.

Tip 2 – Does the IT agency hold any recognized awards or memberships? What you are looking for here is evidence that the IT agency is proud of its internal service standards and has solid foundations from which it operates its business. Specifically, look to identify National Business Awards, Quality Assurance Standards and Trade Organization Memberships. If you have not heard of the names before, Google them to validate them!

Tip 3 – Is internal staff turnover quite low? I appreciate that this is not something that you can just simply ask them, but there are simple ways to check. First of all, go to their website and see if they have a meet the team section. If they do, try and see when staff have started and youll also see if they have been promoted while they have worked there. You can also ask some subtle questions in relation to when the consultant joined the company, how much experience they have and who they may know in your industry. Remember ” you have every right to ask for THEIR resume or CV, after all, they have asked for yours!

Tip 4 – Does the IT agency promote a variety of good quality testimonials? – Find agencies that offer case studies that are tangible and thorough and give you a real feel of authenticity. Their website is the most logical place to start, as they should be very prominent. Be aware however of the testimonials that look a little vague (What a great service Bob J. ” IT contractor). When I see those, I think, hmm, is this really a real guy?

Tip 5 – Length of service; How long has the IT agency been in business? – Have they been in business just a couple of years or is it more like a couple of decades? This is well worth checking, as it will give you a real reflection of not what their service is like now, but how it has been over a sustained period of time.

Summary – I hope you have found these simple tips useful and they have enabled you to see the wood from the tress when you are choosing what agency to contract through. I know what is it like when you are starting a new contract – there is so much to do. I hope this gives you a good starting point when it comes to deciding upon your IT Agency and I wish you the best of luck with your next IT contract!


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