Play Tower Defense (By Luthando)

Want to Play Tower Defense? The question is who hasn’t enjoyed a Tower Defense Game. If you have not, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun, and just to warn you, these games are extremely addictive.

The term Tower Defense is generally applied to a genre of games that share similar ideas or objectives such as those that are of an overhead view of an area map with a pathway that advances from one side to the other. Typically through out the game you will see enemies that try to cross the pathways over towards your direction in an attempt to attack you.

Every type of game has a different style of play with variations in towers and weapons that are available to you. Some towers may be equipped with guns that have rapid shooting abilities but do not do much damage whereas others might shoot at a much slower pace but are a lot more powerful and conduct plenty of damage. You might also find that some towers have special weapons that can be used to take down flying enemies.

Through your experience with the game and while you advance, you will start to earn money by destroying the enemy and their soldiers. You can use your earnings to build new towers or upgrade the current ones that you have. This is necessary and essential as if you leave a damaged tower up then the chances are that it will quickly be destroyed.

With simple strategy and an increase in challenge as you progress through the levels you’ll find yourself playing a fun and entertaining game that you will learn to enjoy time and time again. Keep in mind however that some tower defense games have a maximum amount of levels and that if you can survive through them you will win the game. Others on the other hand are endless, however the level of difficult will increase until the point that you lose the game.


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