Viral Marketing Millionaires (By Luthando)

“Free Word of Mouth” – The four words that everyone loves to hear uttered and see written. Four words that say, “There’s always room for more” and “let me share this with you, you matter to me!” Four words that have caused “Facebook” to now boast 350,000,000 users, and causes Microsoft to invest $240,000,000.00 into “Facebook” and cause “Facebook’s” value to be set at $15 billion! Four words that caused Twitter to be a household word in 9 months!

Can you say to the people you know, “it’s free; fun and can make you money”? Someone said similar words to you about “Facebook”; MySpace and Twitter. Will you tell everyone that you come into contact with, that something is free, fun, can save them money and make money for them and for you too?

Ok! For the sake of illustration, let’s say, you were the 1,000th person that joined “Facebook” and that “Facebook” was putting $1.00 into a daily pool for each of the 350,000,000 daily users; and that because you are the 1,000th person of 350,000,000 users; you will get.0042% of the $1.00 that is paid to the 349,999,000 that signed up for “Facebook” after you. So, let’s see $1.00 x 349,999,000 user = $349,999,000 x.0042 = $1,469,995.80 that you would receive per month if “Facebook” made a daily pool of money to be paid back to the user. By, “word of mouth”. Well “Facebook” does not!!!

Listen up, there are two Companies that are just staring out; both are “free” to join; fun; is moved by “word of mouth” and allow the users to be eligible to earn a percentage of the daily revenue generated by the Companies.

One Company is “the Blastoff Network” the next generation of Homepages there is 100% no cost to be a Blastoff Network member, the Blastoff Network is an online shopping mall with over 500 retailers offering goods and services at deeply discounted rates, there is a direct cash back program; and the best part is that when you invite others to join your Blastoff Network you are paid a small percentage (.0042) on every purchase made by your direct and indirect referrals down to 10 and/or 20 levels. “According to ComScore Networks, online spending (excluding travel purchases) from Nov. 1 to Dec. 26 hit $23.1 billion, a 26 percent increase from the same period in 2005 (Sources: The Blastoff Network is current available in the USA and Canada for payouts.

There are Ad Exchange Companis that are also 100% no cost ever to anyone, were you join and invite everyone that you know and every organization with 250 or more supporters/members/volunteers/employees to join through you; the advertisers are paying the viewers; and the viewers get paid for viewing ads online that they select for 10 to 15 seconds each; then grade the ads, the individual is paid $0.03 (US dollars) per ad viewed personally, but is paid.003 cents (US dollars) for every ad that the people that have invited directly and indirectly down to 7 levels. OK! You invite 10 people who invite just 5 people each down to 7 levels that will be 156,250 people let’s do the math: 5 ads viewed and rated per day x.003 cent (US dollars) x 156,250 people =$2,357.00 per day x 30 days = $70,762.50 per month x 12 =$849,150.00. Some of these companies currently have members in 126 Countries.

The Viral Marketing Millionaires will come from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo and the other social networking sites, the folks with 100 or more contacts who seize the opportunity to share these types of viral phenomenon’s by word of mouth and have millions of people connected to their viral opportunity.

Because of the global markets growing in China and in India and around the world these types of viral opportunities can see as many as 750,000,000 or more people participating in each. The only questions are how much money will you be eligible to make each month and will you be user number 200,000 user number 299,897,000 or user number 749,999,999? As for me, I’m going for the multi millionaire status.

With Respect,
Michael “Ground” Jordan


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