Achieving Online Success: Why A Good Mentor Is Essential (By Luthando)

The Advantages Of Having A Mentor

Your best plan of attack, if you are planning to create a viable, ongoing business online, is to get your self a good mentor. Someone who has spent a number of years overcoming similar problems to the ones you are going to face and has a proven record by excelling with their own online venture, will be highly advantageous to you.

A high number of successful people will have themselves followed a mentor at some time. They too needed help to steer them in the right direction and give advice on avoiding pitfalls.

The Importance Of A Good Mentor

Starting an online business without a mentor is what many people do. It is not considered a necessity. However, the main reason 98% of people fail to make a living from internet marketing is because they lack the support of a good mentor! Having someone to help you overcome hurdles and provide their proven methods to create a successful business is an invaluable opportunity not to be missed!

Your Short-cut To Achieving Success

Why try to re-invent the wheel. There are many, many very successful online businesses, and if you can find someone who is willing to show you how to emulate their good fortune this is an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands.

You will be encouraged and motivated by your mentor. They will show you how to achieve your goals in the very best and quickest way. Their experience will mean they totally appreciate how challenging things are when starting out.

Feeling totally isolated and unable to move forward when problems occur because you have no one to help you is a very lonely experience! Your mentor will be on hand when you encounter obstacles, (and there will be many!), advising and steering you through them.

Having Confidence And Self Belief Is Paramount To Success

To ensure your venture is successful, you will need to have a passionate belief in yourself and immeasurable confidence in your business. This is far easier said than done. We all have times when things appear hopeless or too enormous to deal with. Frustration and monotony can be all-consuming and soul-destroying.

One of the main roles of a good mentor is to provide you with support to enable you to sustain these beliefs, helping you to focus on your goals and being able to spur you into taking action.

This is invaluable and without it you are sure to fail.

Keep You Sane!

By following the guidance of your mentor you will be saving yourself a whole ton of time and energy. You will be sure the tasks you are setting for yourself will be both profitable and purposeful.

Continually performing tasks which don’t yield results is an easy way to lose all perspective and crawl into a dark place and cry yourself to sleep. Well, maybe not literally, but you get my point! A mentor will be able to give you invaluable advice concerning which actions are beneficial and which are not, saving you many fruitless hours of waste and frustration.

The Role Of A Good Mentor

  1. Show you what you need to do, how you need to do it and why
  2. Inspire you
  3. Help you focus
  4. Give you direction
  5. Fore see and help you to avoid problems
  6. Help you succeed – your success is a measure of his (or her) expertise!

Friends and relations may mean well by offering you advice, but unless they have made a million on the internet, it is essential that you politely ignore their advice!


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