How to Make Money From Facebook (By Luthando)

Many people would like to earn extra income through various resources that are available over the internet. Among different procedures that will help you earn a handful amount from Facebook is to purchase ads on this particular website where you can promote your own website. You may be wondering how to make money from Facebook by purchasing ads? Well, the answer is pretty simple. In order to purchase ads, first of all you are required to have a website or online store. You will have to create advertisements for your website through the link provided on the top left corner of your home page. You are provided with “Create an Ad” link which will take you to the page where you can create the necessary ad for your website. Once your advertisement is placed, people will be redirected to your website that you have provided when they click on any of the advertisement.

How to make money from Facebook is a question asked by many people. Apart from advertisement, the other way through which you can make money is by creating your own website. Yes, you will have to create your own website and promote the same on different websites. You can create your own Facebook homepage for the website where you can post comments, information and updates. You can provide links to your website in this page. People who are interested will click on the link making them redirecting to your website. Once they arrive at your website, depending on the purchases made, you earn money. This particular procedure is termed as Affiliate marketing which provides a greater area for promoting your goods.

Now that you have the answer to the question how to make money from Facebook, it is time that you look forward for earning and at the same time promote your website.


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