The Sports Betting Affiliate Industry (By Luthando)

If you own a website that is related to sports betting or gambling in general you can actually start generating money through sports betting affiliate marketing! This type of business like many other businesses started out slow but now its to the point where it’s booming and you can actually make good money from doing something like this, residual income even. Basically the plan is pretty straightforward and it involves advertising different gambling or sports betting sites ads or banners on your site(s). Now you don’t get paid of someone views the ad (unless it’s a CPM) and you don’t get paid if people click on the ad (unless it’s a certain CPA) but what you do get paid for is when people sign up (as a paid member) under you.

So all you have to do is entice them to click that banner or text link, have them sign up, add some money to their account, and that’s it, you just turned X amount of dollars from your site. Now imagine this if you will, you have 5 sites and you place banners on all 5 sites to either the same place or to a different place, you just raised your odds 5 times! Usually the best idea when trying to entice people to join these sites you are an affiliate of is to make a blog or some sort of a “blurb” about the site. Talk about the positive attributes, why its such a good site, what have you gotten out of it so far, name off some quick benefits and or options of belonging to the site.

This gets people excited, so it’s a definite plus! So if you currently own a sports betting site online and you want to generate extra profit, it would be a great idea to search for a sports betting affiliate program and join them. However, it is important to note that for you to make money, you should try to make yourself visible so to attract more customers. Remember that just like in any other industry that runs on profit, the customer base is the key in creating and maintaining success through sports betting affiliating.

In the affiliate industry, the more the customers that a particular sports betting affiliate can attract, the greater the revenue they can command. Having said all these, it’s no doubt then that in today’s highly technological world, the affiliate system has aided the growth of the online sports betting industry. It is the main factor responsible for making the online sports betting industry one of the largest and successful industries in the whole world despite all the controversies and attacks that surround it.


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