Can a Tiny Piece of Gold Attract Bigger Pieces? (By Luthando)


Here is your secret.

Seldom uttered to us by even great entrepreneurs.

Perhaps you may have known this. Perhaps not, it does not matter much.

You see the general public media either consciously or otherwise shy from training “us” its readers! GOLD is a MAGNET of riches!!! Have you ever held a gold coin in your hand? It’s amazing! When you first hold a gold coin, a gold nugget or a real golden article its lustre and weight immediately tells you why gold was and is and will be the standard in storing wealth for all of human history and existence. You see.

Once upon a night three people were trapped in a pitch dark black darkness. One was a religious fellow. So instantly knelt down and offered heart rending prayers for light to come. Nothing happened. The other was a straight agnostic so offered no prayers at all. But hoped to evolve better senses to see in pitch darkness! The third fellow was ACTIONS minded. Took small measured steps til h/she touched something which was a very small switch that lit away the darkness. Chasing it away!

So how can a small piece of Gold chase away poverty and bring light! Make money, be the source of stress free living, your a protector against sudden eventualities! To answer this follow the action and experiment! You must have gold around your personality. Can gold be a saving force or key to make money? It’s actually very simple: gold attracts wealth.


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