Facts About Various Ways To Earn Money Online (By Luthando)

Are there any genuine ways to earn money online – Answer is YES. Due to very frequent online money making frauds, most of the people are in search of genuine ways to earn online money.

Facts about various ways to earn money online

1. Beware of ads like earn “$5000/week” or “earned $10,000 last month and you also do it “earn $100/survey and so on.

2. There are no any genuine online earning programs which make you rich over night.

3. Online money earning is possible and also they can make you rich but by step by step and not overnight or in one month.

4. Don’t provide any of your personal details to online companies who promise you to pay thousands of dollars (or other currency) per week or per month.

5. Genuine online earning using internet is Google’s program called AdSense. Everyone knows Google.

6. Another way to earn is to write articles and get paid. Some of the very popular websites need articles.

7. Another way is supporting people online, this may some knowledge, and some experience but even there may be some openings for new comers/fresher.

Lot’s of Online Earning Frauds

Nowadays there are lots of online money making frauds. They advertise like “make $5000 per week at sitting home” OR “earned $10,000 last month and the list continues”, just make use of common sense that if he is able to earn so much of money then why he is creating website and selling his plans for $100 or $50. How this $100 or $50 are going to help him if he is already earning such huge amount per week/month.

So be carefully from such fraud money making Ads.

But does it means you can’t earn money online by sitting at home – answer is No and Big YES.
You can earn money by making use of internet and by sitting at home – How?
There are only couples of genuine ways which work now
(There may be lot)

1. Google AdSense

2. Writing articles

3. Online support personnel

Above are not rich money making schemes but definitely they will make you rich if you work dedicatedly and sincerely put all your efforts.

1. Google AdSense – Publishing (putting) Google ads on website and getting paid when someone clicks on Google ads.

Sounds simple – But to get success you have to work dedicatedly to know step by step to get success. Doesn’t require any programming knowledge or any special skills.

2. Writing Article – This is again one more genuine way to earn money online by sitting at home. There are handfuls of websites which needs articles on different subjects and pays for writer (you).

It doesn’t need to be professional writer or very knowledgeable person. You can even write about whatever you know, your hobby, your profession etc. You can even read from different books, websites and write in your own words (but remember about copy right policy)

3. Supporting people online – This may requires some skills, some knowledge and some experience but even there may be some openings for new comers/fresher.

There are even other types of work to earn from home apart from this.

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