How To Generate 287 MLM Leads Online Daily In 5 Simple Steps (By Luthando)

Getting 287 MLM per day is no small claim, but in this article I’m going to briefly run you through the exact steps you should take to get a rushing stampede of nodding customers and distributors for your MLM. Here are my five proven steps:

Step 1. Who’s your perfect customer?

Decide who the perfect customer of your company’s product is. Do you sell nutritional supplements? Who already buys nutritional supplements?

Who would benefit from nutritional products but doesn’t know that they would? Maybe it’s someone with arthritis looking for pain relief. Maybe someone with diabetes is looking for ways to keep their blood sugar from spiking or dropping.

If you sell ACN phone plans, then figure out who buys phone plans. Who is looking to reduce their phone bill? Describe carefully every kind of customer that would possibly benefit from your company’s core product.

2. Educate For FREE

Before taking the next step, I want you to understand that on the Internet people are looking for information. They don’t want to buy. They want free information. Your job is to educate them. Allow them to convince themselves to buy.

OK, now we create a simple webpage and offer INFORMATION. If the customer is looking for arthritis pain relief, promise them a 5 page report filled with tips on reducing arthritis pain. Explain why diet supplementation would help solve their problem.

3. Don’t Sell, Let Them Buy

Use a follow-up campaign by E-Mail to continue to educate customers and place emphasis on nutrition. Use a passive “P.S.” approach to remind them that you sell nutritional products. Send them to your product order page.

4. Prove Your System Works

Iron out all the kinks in your marketing campaign and make your newsletter so useful that people start referring others to it on their own. Create referral incentives as well. Either in your sale process or by giving freebie information on your list in exchange.

Finally, share your system with your downline. Don’t worry if you don’t have any yet, you’ll get recruit downline in the next step.

5. Don’t Prospect or Cold Call: “Allow Them To Join You”

Drive traffic to your capture page using AdWords, SEO, Web 2.0, etc. Run this product sale website on your own until you have created a $500/week income from both retail and recurring customers.

Once you are able to do this, make your system available JUST to your downline. This way you can just teach them to use your system and you already know it works. Allow other members in your company to use it for a monthly fee. That’s yours to keep. Nice!

You can now market your system to opportunity seekers following the exact same 5 steps. Instead of marketing your great comp-plan, the company founders, and their vision, you now talk to the prospect’s need.

Your prospect has a money-problem they want to solve. You educate about why your solution works. It’s a proven system that is guaranteed to make them $500/week. They’ll call and ask to join you. You seem to know your stuff!


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